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86 countries have visited the website of the Magical Museum until today, since start spring 2020.

My intention is to make art and culture accessible to a wider audience during Covid-19 times or when your country is at war or when there is no money to travel. Because when it is difficult to travel, you still want to be inspired by these fantastic museums around the world.

Extra nice on iPad and phone. You can use it when you travel and want to know which museums to visit.

Or when you stay at home during COVID-19 times and you want to be inspired for fun at home or with friends, or for your own work.

To make the world more accessible Magical Museum Collections is for you. In Covid-19 times  we need Beauty and to release Anxiety and Worries in time of crisis we need the Oxytocin level to rise when you look at beautiful Art.

All Museums in the world are now welcome to expose this material in the Museums on Ipads and also on their website. The Museums are also welcome to invite me if they are not yet on this project, as this is an ongoing project.

It is on Beauty, the beauty of place, of object, of art, and it is on me seeing Beauty and want to share this. I see it through the eyes of a child, the child I used to be myself, seeing Beauty at all museums in Europe.

It’s also about returning to places, and what you choose when you have been there before, on memory of time in contemporary time, and this is when a piece of art becomes new.

It is on collections, and me collecting museum collections. I also make new art like in Grant and then it is on 100 years of students collecting bacterias over time, so it its 3 layers of collecting and on time. I have worked on love, time, perception, layering and the Baroque before in my art and fashion. And on Perception and Collecting Beauty in my Shop/installation Duranis on Sturegatan 16 and Kåkbrinken 1 in Stockholm. https://linneapalme.wordpress.com/271-2-fashiondesign-linnea-palme/

Before I have exhibited Skönhetens Arkitektur, Drawings for Lovers, On Love, Paradise Lost and many more exhibitions, all on Beauty.

About this Project

1. I document the museum in its environment.

2. I take a piece/slice of another artist work at the museum

3. I make a new work of art in the same museum and my art is a reflection of that exhibition and/or artist, and I put it into the same context, on the magical museum collections web. Most of the time it is magical photos of the boy, it is about children in Art. I put him in a new context. And make him like a painting, photography of art, sometimes with many dimensions like in Rosenborg.  In this he is looking at a model of the castle and in this pictures you have many layers, house of a house inside a house. Or in Strindberg when he is reading a book about Strindberg that was actually a writer or sitting on a chair watching the traditional bust of Strindberg, looking up to a traditional male character that Strindberg was known to be, or standing watching the painting maybe being Strindberg in his hat. Sometimes it is not him but something in the museum that I make into a new piece of art. Like Andy Warhols wig at Tate And the thing is that the viewer have to find it himself/herself. Or you do not need to do that, I also want a political part in this project, that does not need to be theorized, only for everyone to access freely all over the world. This is also why I mix different kind of exhibitions with historical monuments to broaden the horisont and to educate, like the Eiffel Tower.That in the Eiffel Tower you could view a photo of the Eiffel Tower that is actually exhibited at a place maybe new to you, the Jeu de Paume

The project is also on gender and Motherhood.

It is also on intelligence, on children that are exposed to art, gets higher intelligence. This I learnt when I studied psychology at Lund university.

I also want other children to be inspired by art when they see a child watching art in the pictures, and of course all of the mothers.

It is on educational training and stimulating a child’s brain, through art. To give the world and the history to your child, to be creative when they grow up. I did have this upbringing myself when I grow up visiting all of the museums of Europe as a child.

The project is also on digitalization, working with art in Covid-19 times and also on showing art, in the time of crisis. How a project of art develops due to Covid-19.

4. I want to exhibit it on Ipads around the world in different museums and also on the actual museum website. This will take some time to make it visible to the museums and see if they are interested.

I am a project manager, fashion designer curator, artist, journalist and photographer with an exam in – International Cultural Project Management. I have been a student of Saint Martins MA fashion Womenswear in 2000-2001, been a member of AA school of Architecture. Had my own fashion label Duranis that sold in 9 shops from 1998- and also 2 shops of my own 2007-2014 Duranis on Sturegatan 16 and Kåkbrinken 1 in Stockholm. Been in the jury of Årets Bild in 2003 and Head of Scandinavian Female photographers in 1993 and 1994. I have 5 years of study 2012-2017 in project management, psychology, work- psychology, leadership, sports and teambuilding. I had 25 Art exhibitions of my own and Curation of others and written more than 20 articles. I have also been giving lectures in history of Architecture.

My Cv https://linneapalme.wordpress.com/cv-swedish/ https://linneapalme.wordpress.com/articles-by-me-linnea-palme/

When I was 16 in 1986 I had been to all countries in Europe, except Polen and Finland and Norway. I had visited most Museums in every country in most cities and seen all the temples in Greece. In 1983 Pergamon museum in Berlin was one of my favorits. I have returned to a few of them in this very project. When I was a small  kid I loved Magritte, William Blake, Constable at the Tate and Kandinsky, Strindberg  C.Hill, Hilma af Klint and  Joseph Beuys. And when I got in my twenties Sophie Calle.

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I am https://linneapalme.wordpress.com and all work on this new web http://magicalmuseumcollections.com is mine @ Linnéa Palme. 

Have a lovely day traveling on Magical Museum Collections

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In the photo the boy is watching Pipilotti Rist in the floor at Louisiana Museum in Denmark and the other one is Kandinsky at Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. And the photograph with the boy and the Ipad is at British Museum in London.

Solve the riddle and find the clue in the Magical Museum Collections, there is no price only fun solving the riddle

Before I have exhibited Skönhetens Arkitektur, Drawings for Lovers, On Love, Paradise Lost and many more exhibitions, all on Beauty.

I have worked on Beauty, Time, Perception, Layering and Baroque before in my art and fashion. And on Perception and Collecting Beauty in my Shop/installation Duranis on Sturegatan 16 and Kåkbrinken 1 in Stockholm.

On Deformation in Beauty, Baroque, Fencers Mask, Perception and Time Regained a text on my work in Hjärnstorm år 2002, nr 76 & 77 Issue on Art and research article by Philosopher S. Wallenstein https://linneapalme.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/hjarnstorm.pdf

On Fold

The FOLD project was published in GLÄNTA/AIOLOS Magazine   june 2004 Issue on Deleauze, https://linneapalme.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/deleuze.pdf

 Aiolos Magazine nr 22-23 year 2004 issue on Mallarmé

On time

On perception

On Perception and Magritte

Drawings for Lovers film

Text on my art