Solve the Riddle and find the Clue

Solve the riddle and find the clue in the Magical Museum Collections, there is no winning trophy only fun solving the riddle

There is a Manga in the Magical Museum Collections that the boy made of me at the British Museum, and this Manga is also the Logotype for the Magical Museum Collections and the only photograph that is not taken by me, but the child instead. This is an example when the child gets creative in the museum. And the secret, the full Manga he made you have to find, somewhere in the Magical Museum Collections in one of the Museums or Monuments. The Manga contains of two more images, that is a reflection of what you can do in a museum, a reflection of life also outside of the museum, and maybe a reflection of a Child’s greatest fear.

Have fun solving the riddle, and when you find the clue the full Manga, you know the answer what you can do at a museum.


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