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I learnt culture and smelled different landscapes and tasted different dishes and languages

I need to make art to be able to understand my surroundings and to be able to interpret cultures and events. When I was small I had visited every country in Europe before the age of 16, in 1986 with my mother, except Poland, Finland and Norway. Before I was 5 we lived very far away from Europe, we lived very safely in military cantonments as my father was in the army like my grandfather before him, and we travelled to Sweden in the summer to my grandparents and I learnt culture and smelled different landscapes and tasted different dishes and languages. When I was small they read me Kipling and made Humpty Dumpty, and I was safe falling. This was my art, literature and my poetry I learnt, at cants preschool, my fantasy world was safe from war outside of the cantonments.
Later, when I visited countries, art museums and everything on the way to the museum, I learned to see similarities in countries and cultures but also differences. I met people and buildings in cities we visited and in the countryside, like Yugoslavia I remember well, the wonderful happy faces of the 80s, and I learned early that there was an Eastern and a Western Europe, and that here as a Swede I could travel freely with my Swedish passport. It was especially noticeable in Berlin, when we visited friends in the US Army, Berlin that is also in my Magical Museum Collections. I wanted to show my youngest son differences in Europe during Covid, how to deal with crises in different ways, in different countries, and from that idea my small project was born. I never want him to ever have to experience the closed Europe that I had to face, and in art we can all meet, then as now. It became like a respite for me then, and for him today, for all the ugly, ugly Eastern Europe I saw, as well as the ugly Moscow I saw, in 1991 on two occasions when the shelves were empty of food and the snow lay silently on the wide empty streets, the city where people froze to death on empty stomachs. Art was a respite for him during the Corona crisis when all children are forced to grow up and hear about this in school, on the news and everywhere. Magical Museum Collections are for all the children and adults who want a break, in a complex world. When you experience art, you train the ability to imagine things in reality, things you can use in any profession. When you experience art, you train your innovative and creative thinking and you raise serotonin levels. This can be especially good in times of crisis when reality is distorted for a while, not for long I hope.
Museum Temporary exhibition

Welcome to traveling in Covid-19 times

Welcome to Magical Museum Collections

My intention is to make art and culture accessible to a wider audience during Covid-19 times. Because when it is difficult to travel, you still want to be inspired by these fantastic museums around the world. And you do that on my new page.

extra nice on iPad and phone. You can use it when you travel and want to know which museums to visit.

Or when you stay at home during COVID-19 times and you want to be inspired for fun at home or with friends, or for your own work.

To make the world more accessible Magical Museum Collections is for you.

I am https://linneapalme.wordpress.comand all work on this new web is mine @ Linnéa Palme. 

About this project

1. I document the museum in its environment.

2. I take a piece/slice of another artist work at the museum

3. I make a new work of art in the same museum and put it into the same context, on the magical museum collections web. Most of the time it is magical photos of the boy, it is about children in Art, I put him in a new context. And make him like a painting, photography of art. Sometimes it could be something else, and you have o find it for yourself. It is also on intelligence, on children that are exposed to art, gets higher intelligence. This I learnt when I studied psychology at Lund university. Sometimes it is not him but something in the museum that I make into a new piece of art. And the thing is that the viewer have to find it himself/herself.

Or you do not need to do that, as I also want a political part in this project, that does not need to be theorized, only for everyone to access freely all over the world. This is also why I mix different kind of exhibitions with historical monuments to broaden the horisont and to educate, like the Eiffel Tower.That in the Eiffel Tower you could view a photo of the Eiffel Tower that is actually exhibited at a place maybe new to you, the Jeu de Paume

The project is also on gender and Motherhood when I as an artist work with my child in my art as he is always with me in my daily life, when I do not ever have time for myself I work with the most natural thing in my life, my family. In this way I also want other children to be inspired by art when they see a child watching art in the pictures, and of course all of the mothers.

It is on educational training and stimulating a child’s brain through art. To give the world and history to your child, to be creative when they grow up. I did have this upbringing myself when I grow up visiting all of the museums of Europe as a child.

The project is also on digitalization, working with art in Covid-19 times and also on showing art, in the time of crisis. How a project of art develops due to Covid-19.

4. I want to exhibit it on Ipads around the world in different museums and also on the actual museum website. This will take some time to make it visible to the museums and see if they are interested.

Donate to make culture visible to a wider audience Swish 073-663 47 65 skriv donation magicalmuseumcollections or use Paypal

Have a lovely day traveling on 

Magical Museum Collections